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The Survival Files: The Most Convincing Evidence Yet Compiled For the Survival of Your Soul, by Miles Edward Allen, Momentpoint Books
January 2008, Is there a soul? Is there an afterlife? What about reincarnation?…

The Secret’s Little Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Prime Time Productions
March 2007, A Fractured Fairy Tale, What is Channeling?, The Science of Channeling, The Secret Goes Mainstream, or Does It?…

What t?e #$*! D? ?S (k)pow!? by Captured Light Industries (William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, and Mark Vicente)
October 2004, Unusual features, postmodern worldviews, new paradigm, boomeritis, theory of consciousness, film falls short, channeling, Ramtha…

The Simple Feeling of Being by Ken Wilber, Shambhala Books
July 2004, Pointing Out “What Is” “Always Already” “Just This”…

Thought As Passion by Frank Visser, SUNY Press
March 2004, Making Ken Wilber Accessible, Wilber 1-4, Wilber 5, tracing the integral impulse, includes thorough bibliography…

Conscious Creation Highlights

Reflections: Happy 10th Birthday, Sethnet!
October 2008, A Retrospective, Props, History…

In Memoriam Robert F. Butts June 20, 1919 – May 26, 2008
A slideshow tribute…

Helfrich Speaks at the 57th Annual Conference on World Affairs
April 2005, An Introduction, The Promenade, Creationism vs. Evolution, Creativity Feels So Good and Hurts So Bad, Downloading Consciousness…

A Lucid Dreaming Overview
March, 2000, Introduction, What are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming?, Continuum of Consciousness (Modes of Perception)…

Thought-Bird Song ~ A Sumari Poem by Jane Roberts
May, 1978, Sumari Poetry, Adventures in Consciousness, Program Notes…

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I am currently the Pedagogical Coordinator and Music Teacher for Grades 1-4 at the Westside Waldorf School in Pacific Palisades, CA for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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