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Integral Psychology

The term “Integral” means “comprehensive,” “holistic,” “wholeness-based.” When applied to people, it includes body, mind, and spirit as expressed in the individual self and its culture in relation to the natural world. Integral Psychology & Psychotherapy trace their roots to the early 2oth century work of Sri Aurobindo and Indra Sen, with further work in the 1970s by Haridas Chaudhuri, and 1990s by Ken Wilber. Its goal is to integrate, heal, and deepen our understanding of ourselves, our world, and how we can all get along. It utilizes a diverse yet unified set of methods, tools, and practices. The best known version of Integral Psychology & Psychotherapy is detailed in the works of Ken Wilber.

When exploring the mysteries of human existence and wellness, you want to have the most accurate “map” to help navigate charted and uncharted waters. Wilber’s Integral Metatheory provides the most detailed “map of human consciousness” available today. The following sections of his website share what he has explored and discovered to date.


Articles on Integral Psychology, the Seth Material, the Channeling phenomenon, and Distance Learning.


Book & Movie Reviews, Conscious Creation and Lucid Dreaming.

Interviews & Talks

Integral Psychology, the Seth Material, and the Channeling phenomenon.


Waldorf Education, Integral Psychology, the Seth Material, the Channeling phenomenon, and Distance Learning.

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I am currently the Pedagogical Coordinator and Music Teacher for Grades 1-4 at the Westside Waldorf School in Pacific Palisades, CA for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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